Welcome to New Path Counselling

When life is going well, when we feel productive and happy and are confident that we are moving toward some important goals, we don’t usually go to a counsellor. When we’re looking for a counsellor, it often means that we’ve lost our way, and are wondering how to get our feet onto a new path. We believe that everyone can lose their way at some time in life, and that counselling can be of great benefit.

When looking for a counsellor, you may want to check that your counsellor has professional education and qualifications, and that they are certified with a licensing organization that checks credentials and establishes standards. But you also want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the counsellor, that it seems like someone who you can work with, and that you feel listened to and understood.

Please consider making an appointment, and seeing if New Path Counselling is a good match for you in finding a new path.